I created this company out of love for senior care and their well-being and also the increasing need for personal self-care essentials.
Our products are curated full-size products selected specifically to meet the needs of our seniors.

We are here to share, encourage, promote and inspire seniors to continue to take care of themselves; mind, body and soul and to always stay connected with friends and family.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.
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Golden Years Box is an elite "As Needed" Self-Care and Wellness Care Package Service curated specially for seniors, grandparents and the homebound. Our products are simple, well-known and practically used by everyone. This include myself (Founder) along with friends and family.

We specialize in delivering tasteful, unique health care packages to our seniors. All products are full-size and hand-picked to ensure that they best suit the needs of our seniors, grandparents, homebound and older love ones.

We are passionate about promoting health, wellness and self-care specifically to our seniors.

We are a small business with a great team aiming to provide our customers the best accessories and products available.


Meet the Founder

Golden Years Box - "As Needed" Self-Care and Wellness Care Package Service.


I created this company out of my love for senior care. Specifically curated and wholesome care packaging service for seniors. Our company is unique - we do things differently. We focus on the NEEDS of our seniors. OUR PACKAGES ARE NOT LIMITED BY SEASONS. We are all about gifting, uplifting and making loved ones happy. 



Welcome to Golden Years Box - I am Gailene, CEO and Certified Caregiver.
Golden Years Box is an elite "As Needed" Care Package service for seniors, grandparents, the homebound and older loved ones.




To promote and inspire wellness and self-care to our seniors by providing the necessary products to help them maintain a good quality of life.

To help our seniors, grandparents and the homebound maintain their basic healthy day-to-day self-care routine and activities of daily living which promotes self-confidence and independence.




To help seniors, grandparents and the homebound continue to live and enjoy a quality life by providing them with the everyday essentials that would remind and encourage them to continue to take great care of themselves and to let them know that we love and care for them.